What is the Shekinah Church? Miranda Derrick inducted into cult, family claims in viral video

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In January 2021, famous TikToker, Miranda Derrick joined 7M Films, an entertainment management firm . Normally, this wouldn’t have been a piece of unusual news, but there’s a reason it is being talked about now. Since she joined the firm, Derrick has not been in touch with her family, leading to a lot of conspiracy theories, with the most outstanding claim being that the firm is a substitute for a cult.

It has been said that social media influencers can go to great lengths just to gain fame, and most of the things they do or get themselves involved in doesn’t always work out.

There have also been some more dire consequences, such as death that some influencers have faced in their quest for fame and unfortunately, it appears Miranda has been trapped in a cult or so, her family claims.

What is the Shekinah Cult?

The Shekinah cult is reportedly said to be a part of the Shekinah Church, which according to the Church website, is a “racially and culturally diverse gathering of hope-filled believers”. The Church is also said to be running an “Immersion School of Equipping”, which many TikTokers claim is the cult. Once, a TikToker referred to the Church’s Instagram page as, “very, very culty”. The allegations that the Church is a cult, and is linked to 7M Films, the entertainment management firm, were made by Gawker in February 2022.

Gawker claimed that 7M Films was “an offshoot of a Pentecostal sect that believes in something called the Seven Mountain Mandate.” That sect believes “a group of self-proclaimed ‘apostles’ have a plan rooted in biblical prophecy to ‘invade’ every sphere of life as we know it.'” Gawker and another source which also reported on the Seven Mountain Mandate claimed that the sect derives its beliefs from a “selective reading” of Isaiah 2:2.

These however remain allegations for now. And both the 7M FIlms and the Shekinah Church have denied the allegations that they are a cult, but on TikTok, there are still numerous videos claiming the allegations are true. In early March 2022, the allegations have gone viral, which is thanks to the mystery of Miranda, whose family have put out a public plea for her to return.

In January 2021, Miranda mysteriously cut off all links and contacts with her family, claiming they “wouldn’t understand” why she would not come home. Her parents later flew out to Los Angeles to see her and realized that she was a “totally different” person. On February 24, the couple along with Miranda’s sister called, Melanie took to Instagram for a 40-minute live video to explain what they thought was the situation at hand.

“You don’t need to cut us off. Life is going on and there are so many exciting things going on,” Melanie said. Miranda’s mom added, “As a mom, I don’t know if she’s safe.” Melanie then said: “She’s a victim of a church-based CULT in the LA area and has blocked and cut off all contact with her family.” Some days later, Miranda indirectly responded by claiming she cut off contact with her family because of their dislike for her husband, James, whom she married in secret and who is also affiliated with 7M Films.

Miranda also insisted that 7M Films was “not a religious nonprofit organization but a secular for-profit company run by people who have faith in God.” She made all those comments on her own Instagram page but didn’t appear to have directly reached out to her family. And while 7M Films has not responded to the numerous media requests, Miranda’s statement has done little to end the conspiracy theories and suspicions.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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