What Is Zasu Pitts Real Name?

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American actress well known for starring in numerous silent dramas comprising Erich von Stroheim’s epic 1924 silent film Greed, and comedies, transitioning successfully to mostly comedy films with the advent of sound films was born on January 3, 1849. She is well known as Zasu Pitts.

Zasu is the daughter of Nelly and Rulandus Shay Pitts born in Parsons, Kansas. Zasu found work in radio in the early 1930s. Zasu has also made appearances in the earliest Fibber McGee and Molly Shows. Zasu has occurred on multiple radio shows and her profession as an entertainer has spanned 50 years. In 1960, Zasu was awarded a stay on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From 1920 to 1933, Zasu Pitts was married to Thomas Sarsfield Gallery, an actor who became a Los Angeles boxing promoter and later a TV executive. The couple has two children. In 1933 after her divorce, she got married to John Edward Woodall until her sudden death which occurred on June 7, 1963, in Hollywood. She died at age 69 and was laid to rest at Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City.

What Is Zasu Pitts’s Real Name?

Zasu Pitts is her real name.


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