What Racket Does Emil Ruusuvuori Use?

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Emil Ruusuvuori, a professional tennis player from Finland, was born on April 2, 1999. On November 21, 2022, he climbed as high as he had ever gone in the ATP singles rankings, to No. 40. He is now ranked as the top singles tennis player in Finland.

His highest doubles position of 179 in the world, attained on May 2, 2022, represents a career-best.

In the combined junior ITF rankings, Ruusuvuori had a top position of No. 4 in the world. In 2017, he won the ITF Junior Masters and advanced to the boys’ singles semifinals of the US Open and Australian Open.

What Racket Does Emil Ruusuvuori Use?

The racquet of Ruusuvuori is altered to have lead tape at the three and nine positions and an unstrung swing weight of 315.

It’s intriguing that heavy hitters on the tour like Sinner and Ruusuvuori are utilizing the Speed Touch mold so successfully.

Because the Head’s team at their Austrian headquarters customizes the racquets of many professionals, Ruusuvuori uses a lot of lead tape in the hoop of his racquets.

Additionally, Ruusuvuori’s game is quite similar to Sinner’s in that both players produce power that appears effortless on both wings. But as you might have seen, Nick Kyrgios is not impressed by this style of tennis.



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