What Religion Is In South Korea?

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South is an East Asian nation with a population of 51.75 million, of which more than half of it live in the Seoul Capital Area.

It has Incheon, Busan, and Daegu as its major cities.

South Korea is a highly developed country and ranks number seven on the Human Development Index (HDI) in the Asia and Oceania region.

The country has the lowest fertility rate in the world and in recent years, the country has been battling an aging population. Its nominal GDP ranks twenty fifth in the world.

South Korea also has one of the world’s fastest Internet connection speeds and the densest high-speed railway network.

What Religion Is In South Korea?

There are many religions in South Korea. A larger percentage which constitutes about of South Koreans have no religion.

However, Christianity and Buddhism are the dominant religions among those who affiliate with formal religion.

Most South Koreans practice Buddhism and Confucianism. There are tens of thousands of temples built across the country.

Protestant Christians constitute 18%, 16% believe in Buddhism, 13% believe in Catholicism, and 1% are cults.

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