Your lower back contains a pair of organs called your kidneys. Your spine has one kidney on each side. Your kidneys cleanse your body of pollutants and filter your blood. When you urinate, these poisons are expelled from your bladder. When your kidneys are unable to sufficiently filter the waste from your blood, renal failure sets in.
When your kidneys abruptly cease functioning normally, you develop acute renal failure. Over time, chronic renal failure develops.

The following are the five forms of renal failure: Acute prerenal kidney failure can be brought on by insufficient blood supply to the kidneys.
Acute intrinsic renal failure can be caused by an accident or another acute stress to the kidneys, such as a physical blow.
Chronic prerenal kidney failure: The kidneys start to shrivel and lose their ability to function when there is insufficient blood supply to them over an extended period of time.
Chronic intrinsic renal disease, often known as chronic , is a condition where the kidneys have sustained long-term damage.
Chronic post-renal kidney failure; Inability to urinate due to a persistent obstruction of the urinary tract.

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Kidney failure in its early stages frequently has no obvious signs. Possible symptoms that could appear when kidney disease worsens include:

a decreased output of urine, swelling of your legs, ankles, and feet as a result of fluid retention brought on by the kidneys' inability to properly remove water waste, extreme sleepiness or weariness or unexplained shortness of breath, constant nauseous, bewilderment chest pain or pressure convulsions coma.

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