What Time Is The GTA 6 Trailer Coming Out?

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Rockstar Games is working on an unnamed Grand Theft Auto game. It will be the eighth major Grand Theft Auto game, succeeding Grand Theft Auto V (2013), and the sixteenth overall. Following years of rumour and leaks, Rockstar announced the game’s development in February 2022.

Footage from incomplete versions was published online in September 2022, dubbed “one of the biggest leaks in video game industry history.” Following the release of Grand Theft Auto V in September 2013, then-President of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies stated that the business had “some ideas” for the next installment in the series.

A new Grand Theft Auto game had grown highly anticipated in the years preceding its announcement, and media highlighted that some fans had gotten dissatisfied by Rockstar Games’ persistent quiet, particularly when they announced a re-release of Grand Theft Auto V in 2020.

What Time Is The GTA 6 Trailer Coming Out?

The initial trailer for GTA 6 is set to premiere on Tuesday, December 5, at the specified times: 6 a.m. PST for the West Coast of North America, 9 a.m. EST for the East Coast of North America, and 2 p.m. GMT for the U.K.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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