What Was Gracie Allen’s Last Words?

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Gracie Allen was a beloved American comedic actress who pioneered an endearingly ditsy onstage personality that made her a vaudeville sensation as part of the iconic comedy duo Burns and Allen.

Born in California in 1895, Allen honed her trademark character while performing on the vaudeville circuit in the early 1920s when she met George Burns. As he delivered quippy one-liners, Allen’s Gracie persona interjected humorous nonsense remarks and non sequiturs that left audiences in stitches.

The duo married in 1926 and their warm comedy sketches involving her illogical observations became one of America’s favorite acts for the next three decades on stage, radio and film.

As Burns and Allen transitioned to radio and then television, Gracie’s portrayal as a charmingly naive woman suggested she didn’t understand her own humor, when in reality Allen was a skilled comedienne constantly in control.

Though playing up her on-air scatterbrained demeanor, in real life Allen was a consummate professional who worked tirelessly on comic timing and scripts.

Retiring her beloved character in 1958, Allen was one of the most prominent women in entertainment during the golden age of radio and TV.

What Was Gracie Allen’s Last Words?

Gracie Allen’s alleged last words on record was “I’m sorry, boys, I’m all wet.”

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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