What was Mary McLeod Bethune’s last words?

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Mary McLeod Bethune was an influential African American educator and civil rights leader who championed educational opportunities for Black students.

Born in 1875 to former slaves in South Carolina, Bethune grew up working on rice and cotton plantations before attending college in Chicago and founding her own school for Black girls in Daytona, Florida, in 1904.

Bethune’s Florida boarding school eventually grew into Bethune-Cookman University, one of America’s most esteemed historically Black colleges which she presided over for more than 40 years. Bethune was a passionate believer in education as a catalyst for advancement, saying “knowledge is power only when put to use.”

An eloquent public speaker, Bethune cultivated wealthy benefactors, lobbied politicians in Washington D.C., and used her leadership roles with the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People and the National Youth Association to demand equal opportunities in terms of funding, facilities, teachers’ salaries and school length when compared to white student institutions.

Through her scholarship funds, community programmes aimed at eradicating poverty, and role-advising multiple presidents on minority affairs, Bethune dedicated her life to enabling access to education and advancement for disenfranchised Blacks impacted by discrimination and Jim Crow laws.

What was Mary McLeod Bethune’s last words?

Mary McLeod Bethune’s last words on record are “Life is wonderful. I am wonderful”

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