What Were Emile Zola’s Last Words?

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Emile Zola was a French novelist, journalist, and playwright, widely known for his contributions to the literary movement known as naturalism. Emile was born on April 2, 1840, in Paris, France.

Emile’s most famous works include his series of 20 novels known as Les Rougon-Macquart, which provide a sweeping and realistic portrayal of French society during the 19th century. Emile’s novels were known for their vivid descriptions, social criticism, and focus on the harsh realities of life for the lower classes.

Emile was also a prominent journalist and engaged in political activism, advocating for social and political reforms, especially in issues related to workers’ rights, justice, and the plight of the poor.

Emile was known for his courageous stance in the Dreyfus Affair, a controversial political scandal that exposed anti-Semitic sentiments in French society.

However, Emile’s work and activism were not always well-received, and he faced backlash, censorship, and even legal battles for his controversial views.

Despite this, his writing had a significant impact on French literature and society, influencing future generations of writers and social reformers.

Sadly, Emile Zola died on September 29, 1902, in Paris, France. Emile’s legacy as a writer, journalist, and advocate for social justice continues to be recognized and celebrated, and his works are still studied and read today.

What Were Emile Zola’s Last Words?

French novelist Emile Zola’s last words were ” feel sick. The dog is sick, too. We are both ill. It must be something we have eaten.”

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