What Were Lorentzos Mavilis’s Last Words?

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Lorentzos Mavilis was a prominent Greek poet, known for his significant contribution to modern Greek literature. Born in Kalamata, he studied law in Athens and began his career as a lawyer, but his true passion lay in poetry.

Mavilis was a key figure in the “New Athenian School” of poetry, which sought to revitalise and modernise Greek literature. Maviliss’ work is characterized by its romanticism, lyrical quality, and deep connection to the history and landscape of Greece.

Mavilis’s most famous work is the poem “The Destruction of Psara,” which commemorates the tragic fate of the island of Psara during the Greek War of Independence.

This poem, along with others, solidified his reputation as a leading poet of his time. Tragically, Mavilis’s life was cut short at the age of 52 when he succumbed to tuberculosis.

What Were Lorentzos Mavilis’s Last Words?

Greek poet Lorentzos Mavilis’s last words were “I expected many honours from this war, but not the added honour that I offer my life for my Greece.”

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