What were Martha Beck’s last words?

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Martha Beck was an American woman who became infamous for her involvement in serial murders with her lover Raymond Fernandez in the late 1940s.

Beck was born in Florida in 1920 and had a difficult childhood marked by poverty and limited education. As an adult, she worked a series of clerical jobs where her weight and appearance made her a frequent target of ridicule from coworkers.

In 1947, Beck began a correspondence with Fernandez, who lured lonely single women into romantic relationships through “lonely hearts” personal ads, eventually stealing their savings. Though Beck knew of Fernandez’s activities, she willingly joined him in posing as his sister and assisted with the seduction and murder of multiple women over several years. The murderous scheme often involved gaining the women’s trust before drugging and drowning them.

Beck was finally apprehended with Fernandez in 1949 when the pair were caught killing a widow in Michigan. Their highly publicised trial and conviction for murder earned them the moniker “The Lonely Hearts Killers” in the media.

At age 28, Beck was executed in 1951 in Sing Sing Prison, while demonstrating little remorse for her willing participation in the grisly deaths of vulnerable, lovelorn women.

What were Martha Beck’s last words?

American serial killer Martha Beck’s last words on record are “My story is a love story, but only those tortured with love can understand what I mean.”

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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