What were Maude Adams last words?

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Maude Adams was an American stage and film actress who reached the peak of her fame in the early 20th century. Born Maude Kiskadden in 1872, Adams grew up in Salt Lake City before launching her acting career in San Francisco and New York in the 1890s.

Adams gained renown for her work with legendary stage producer Charles Frohman, who helped establish Adams’ successful tours and comedic Broadway performances over two decades.

Adams was best known for originating the role of Peter Pan in the first authorised theatrical adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s play. Adams intimate yet mischievous portrayal of the boy who never grew up captured audiences’ imaginations and established Adams as one of the era’s iconic leading ladies of the stage.

In addition to Peter Pan, her most acclaimed turns included starring in classic plays like Romeo and Juliet, The Little Minister, L’Aiglon, What Every Woman Knows, and Quality Street.

Beyond her acting skills, Adams was also admired for her rejection of society’s narrow gender roles and her advocacy for animal welfare. Though she made several silent films, the theatre remained her first love. From 1905 to the late 1920s, no American actress matched her level of fame or recognition as critics lauded her charming, emotive, and spritely presence.

Adams retired from acting in the 1930s and largely avoided the spotlight thereafter, settling into a private life before her death in 1953.

What were Maude Adams last words?

Maude Adams last words on record are “Life is still full of joy. Thumbs up for joy and adventure.”

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