What Were Miguel Bombarda’s Last Words?

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Miguel Bombarda was a Portuguese psychiatrist born on November 22, 1851, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and died on October 3, 1910, in Lisbon, Portugal. Bombarda was a prominent figure in the field of psychiatry and is known for his contributions to the development of mental health care in Portugal.

Bombarda was a pioneer in the use of scientific methods in psychiatry and advocated for the humane treatment of patients.

Miguel was instrumental in the establishment of the first psychiatric hospital in Portugal, the Miguel Bombarda Hospital in Lisbon, which was named after him. The hospital was founded in 1848 and was one of the first institutions in Portugal to provide specialised care for people with mental illness.

Today, the hospital is known as the Júlio de Matos Hospital and is one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Portugal. Bombarda’s legacy continues to influence the field of psychiatry in Portugal and beyond, and he is remembered as a pioneer in the humane treatment of people with mental illness.

What Were Miguel Bombarda’s Last Words?

Miguel Bombarda’s alleged last words to his attending physicians after he was shot by one of his mental patients was “To die this way is stupid. And it would please so many scoundrels! This very night, Magalhães, I could have died for the Republic!”

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