What Were Nancy Astor’s Last Words?

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Nancy Astor was an American socialite who became the first female Member of Parliament to sit in the British House of Commons.

Born Nancy Langhorne in Virginia in 1879, she married into British aristocracy when she wed Waldorf Astor. They moved to England and Nancy became renowned in London society circles for her wit, extroversion and beauty.

Drawing on her southern charm, she cultivated friendships with leading politicians of the early 20th century like Prime Ministers Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.

In 1919, when her husband succeeded to the peerage, Nancy won the election for his Conservative party seat from Plymouth in southwest England. As the first woman to gain a seat in the Commons, and one held by a man, her election caused national sensation.

As an MP, Nancy focused on social reforms for women, children and the poor. She promoted progressive positions around contentious “women’s issues” of birth control and equal rights like inheritance, divorce and reducing maternal mortality rates.

Though some conservative views were controversial even then, she also fearlessly took on appeasement policies, warning about the Nazis’ threat pre-WW2.

Astor served outspokenly for a pioneering 25 years before retiring in 1945, paving the way for greater integration of women in British parliamentary life.

What Were Nancy Astor’s Last Words?

US-born British politician Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor last words on record to her son was “Jakie, is it my birthday, or am I dying?”

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