When Did The US Proxy War With Russia Begin?

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When two or more opposing powers deploy third parties as stand-ins to fight on their behalf, the conflict is known as a proxy war.

In a proxy war, the major players don’t fight each other directly on the battlefield; instead, they back other groups or factions inside a certain area or nation, sometimes by giving them money, weapons, or military advisers.

The real combat is then done by these proxy organizations, who stand in for the objectives of their individual sponsors.

When Did The US Proxy War With Russia Begin?

The U.S. proxy war with Russia in the context of the Soviet Union (USSR) began during the Cold War, which followed World War II.

The USSR, the US, and their respective allies engaged in fierce military, political, and ideological combat throughout the Cold War.

It started in the years following World War II and persisted until the Soviet Union broke up in the early 1990s.

Throughout the conflict between the US and the USSR, each superpower supported opposing groups in a variety of proxy wars throughout the globe to avoid direct full-scale confrontation.

A number of notable proxy conflicts took place during this period, including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and engagements in Afghanistan and other places.

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