When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out 2023?

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Spotify Wrapped is a Spotify viral marketing campaign. Since 2016, the campaign has been released yearly in early December, allowing Spotify members to examine a compilation of statistics about their activity on the platform during the previous year and inviting them to share it on social media.

Spotify Wrapped often contains the five artists a user has listened to the most, the tracks they have listened to the most, and their preferred music genres. material creators on the platform may also access a version of Spotify Wrapped that shows the number of times their material was streamed that year.

Spotify Wrapped offers information about activity on the Spotify platform as a whole, in addition to individualised data.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out 2023?

According to a spokesperson from Spotify, the data utilized for the 2023 Wrapped encompasses streamed content from January up to an unspecified date, which is “a few weeks prior to launch” November 29 for this year. The spokesperson emphasized that they strive to set the cutoff date as late as possible to ensure a genuinely personalized experience.


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