When was the book of Yeezus written?

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Kanye West has published his own version of the bible which he calls the “Book of Yeezus”.

The book was created by three authors who chose to remain anonymous and published on March 4, 2015

Kanye has replaced everywhere God is mentioned in the bible with his own name, Kanye, in the book.

Book of Yeezuz, upon it’s arrival has received considerably massive media attention but was no longer remembered by fans and commentators who thought it depicted Kanye’s enormous ego.

Conversation about Kanye’s book later resurfaced online with various tweets expressing shock over his daring move of calling it “a bible for the modern-day.”

Others have also queried whether or not he can be described as a “narcissist” due to not only his bible, Book of Yeezus, but also other statements he has made through the years.

Kanye’s statements have always ignited questions concerning his mental health, especially after he opened up about suffering from mental health issues for years during an interview in 2019.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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