When Will Celebrity IOU Season 7 Out?

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It seems that Drew and Jonathan Scott have located their long-lost sibling! The 45-year-old twin brothers spoke with PEOPLE ahead of the premiere of Celebrity IOU season 7, Jan. 1.

They discussed the amazing celebrity guests who put a lot of effort into transforming a space for their loved ones this season, with a little assistance from the Property Brothers, of course.

Drew said they hit right away with one guest in particular, referring to him as a “Property Brother from another mother.”

He says, “Ray Romano is one of those people who is funny without trying to be funny.” We were joking around about how much we felt like three brothers. He resembles a little less handy Property Brother from a different mother.

Drew notes that although Romano might not be the world’s greatest handyman, his woodworking prowess and original ideas for bespoke pieces were amazing.

When Will Celebrity IOU Season 7 Out?

Every home can be transformed, according to Drew. We can demonstrate to those who are frustrated and believe they have lost everything or are at their wits’ end that they may fall in love with their home once more.

On HGTV coming Monday, January 1 at 8 p.m. ET, two new episodes of Celebrity IOU season 7 will air.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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