Where Did Darcelle XV Live?

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Walter Cole, better known as the legendary drag performer known for decades as Darcelle XV and a fierce supporter of Portland’s LGBTQ+ community, passed away in Portland, Oregon, from natural causes.

The longest-running drag show on the West Coast has been presented at Darcelle XV Showplace. Kelly Clarke called Cole “an energetic businessman whose desire for a life less ordinary catapulted him from a job at Fred Meyer to become the proprietor of a counterculture coffee shop, an after-hours jazz club, a rough-and-tumble “dyke bar,” and, finally, a nationally recognized drag revue, without ever leaving Portland.”

In 2016, at the age of 85 years and 273 days, Guinness World Records named Darcelle XV the oldest drag queen in the world.

A film titled Maisie was released in 2021. This featured Maisie Trollette, the stage name of English drag performer David Raven. He will age 85 in 2021 and is now the oldest drag performer in the UK.

Where Did Darcelle XV Live?

Darcelle XV was residing in Portland, Oregon, United States.


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