Where Did Paul Grant Live?

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Paul Grant, an actor who starred in the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies, passed away at the age of 56 after being discovered unconscious at a train station.

On Thursday afternoon, Grant was discovered in front of King’s Cross station in north London.

On Monday, at 3:49 a.m., he was proclaimed dead; however, he had already been given the all-clear after collapsing. The cause of death is yet unknown.

Grant, who portrayed an Ewok in Return of the Jedi and a goblin in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, also starred alongside David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly as a member of the Goblin Corps in the 1986 blockbuster Labyrinth.

In Labyrinth, the actor acted as Brian Henson’s vocal and Shari Weiser’s stunt double for the character Hoggle.

Legend, the 1985 Tom Cruise movie, and the 1988 movie Willow are some of his additional filmography credits.

Where Did Paul Grant Live?

Paul Grant is known to have lived in London,England.


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