Unarmed Black teen was shot and killed by on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. After Brown was killed in 2014, the shooting led to some of the worst riots ever to occur in St. Louis. Even today, accounts of the event are extremely inconsistent and disorganized.

The truth is Brown stole cigars from a nearby shop while unarmed and making an attempt to escape. Wilson then fired a shot, killing him. Wilson was not charged and a grand jury did not indict him either. Although the conflicting historical records do not exonerate him, he was also innocent. But later that year, Wilson made the decision to leave his profession. He thought he was endangering his fellow officers, which was confirmed when two New York City police officers were shot in what appeared to be retaliation. What transpired with Wilson following the incident?

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Where Is Now? Police Officer Who Shot Michael Brown

Although Darren Wilson's killing of Michael Brown may have received legal justification, he doesn't necessarily live a life of freedom. Few people are aware of where he, his wife, and their daughter reside. The former Ferguson police officer is dogged by death threats related to Brown's shooting and has been unable to secure a new position with the force.

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