Where Is Fantasy Island Filmed?

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The majority of Burbank was used for filming the first season of Fantasy Island. Although Hawaii was used as a backdrop for the show’s opening sequence, no actual filming took place there. Film production was centered in Hollywood.

The historic Queen Anne Cottage in Los Angeles is a well-known white house with a bell tower. The cottage was the residence of affluent land baron Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin long before Tattoo ever knocked on the doorbell.

It is located at the Arcadia Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. A few outdoor sequences were also filmed on the grounds of the Arboretum. Otherwise, Warner Brother’s sound stages were used for the majority of the show’s filming.

Where Is Fantasy Island Filmed?

The revival series sought more authenticity than the original series, which primarily relied on Hollywood wizardry. The stunning island of Puerto Rico served as the backdrop for the 2021 Fantasy Island series. Republic World regarded places like Rio Grande, San Juan, and Old San Juan as top filmmaking settings.

Escambr√≥n Marine Park, a well-liked recreation area renowned for its lovely water, served as the location for certain outdoor sequences during filming. The majority of the production’s city-related sequences were shot in Santurce, one of the island’s biggest barrios. A Santurce neighborhood called Miramar was used for filming as well.

The Fantasy Island resort’s administrative center was relocated as part of the 2021 restoration. Additionally, if you’re nearby, you can drop by and realize a few of your own fantasies.

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