Where Is Mitchelle Blair Now?

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Mitchelle Blair was sentenced to life imprisonment in March 2017 for murdering two of her four children after brutally torturing them. The Michigan woman called her kids “demons” as they were allegedly sexually assaulting her youngest son.

The incident was brought to light three years later when her apartment was being cleared of furniture as she was asked to evict. The 36th District Court crew discovered the bodies of the kids wrapped inside a plastic cloth and placed in the freezer. Their mother confessed to the killings and was found guilty of first-degree murder.

After her conviction, Blair’s other two children, a girl and a boy, were sent to the care of their maternal aunt and uncle. The siblings had to undergo therapy due to the trauma caused by their mother. The boy was eventually adopted by another family, while the girl graduated from high school and is attending college.

Details of this nerve-wracking story was showcased in Investigation Discovery’s true-crime series titled “Evil Lives Here”, and the episode is titled “I Made It Out Alive”.

The synopsis of the episode reads as follows: “For years, every time Gabi Blair walks past the freezer, she shudders at the thought of the horrors hidden inside; forced to keep secret her mother’s crimes, she prays that someone will discover the truth before she becomes her mother’s next victim.”

In August 2012, Blair came home and saw her youngest son, Matthew trying to sexually stimulate a doll. The surprised mother asked him where he had learned that from, and the boy confessed that his brother, Stephen had been abusing him.

An enraged Blair rushed to her son and asked if Matthew was telling the truth, and Stephen confessed to having done so. Blair then kicked and punched him and proceeded to pour scalding water on his genitals to torture him. Later, she strangled him to death.

In court, Blair confessed: “I went upstairs and I said, Stephen, Matthew said you were humping on him. He stood up and looked at me like he had lost his mind. He said yes…So I started punching Stephen… I put a bag over his head, he lost consciousness, I did that a couple of times.”

Nine months after murdering her son and storing his body in the freezer, Blair learned that her daughter, Stoni was also abusing her youngest son. She was outraged and decided to let her starve as punishment. Stoni was beaten to death in Nay 2013.

The girl’s body was also stored in the freezer. This time, Blair claimed she wanted to confess her crime to the police but as Matthew did not want to let go of her, she did not do so.

In relation to Blair’s claims of Matthew’s sexual abuse, Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb stated that no evidence of rape was discovered on the child. Blair’s parental rights to the surviving children were terminated by the Wayne County Circuit Judge Edward Joseph. The children were then placed for adoption by child protective services.

Friends and neighbors called Blair an angel as they found her to be well-mannered. Speaking of Blair, one of the neighbours said, “The mother is a beautiful person”. They also did note that Stephen and Stoni were not seen for more than a year, but did not enquire about them as they were “always in the house.”

Where Is Mitchelle Blair Now?

Mitchelle Blair is currently serving a life sentence without parole at the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti, for murdering her children, Stephen Berry, 9, and Stoni Blair, 13.


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