Where Is Navalny Wife Now?

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Russian opposition figure, attorney, and anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is also a lawyer. Navalny is of Ukrainian and Russian ancestry.

He was born on June 4th, 1976, in Butyn, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. He spent his childhood summers in Ukraine with his grandmother, where he became fluent in Ukrainian. In the Vologda Oblast village of Kobyakovo, his parents, Anatoly Navalny and Lyudmila Navalnaya own and operate a firm that specializes in basket weaving.

Navalny has organized anti-government protests and ran for office in an effort to promote reforms against Russian corruption and against President Vladimir Putin and his administration, who avoids mentioning Navalny by name.

Where Is Navalny Wife Now?

Yulia Navalnaya, a Russian economist, and Navalny have been married since 2000. Son Zakhar and daughter Dasha are their only children.
Yulia was born in Moscow, Russia, on July 24, 1976, and she will be 47 years old then.


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