Where Is Olga Zajac Hair Salon Now?

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The female store owner overpowered the Russian man who attempted to rob the hair salon, tied him up naked, and used him as a slave for three days.

Police received an admission from 32-year-old Viktor Jasinski that he went to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with the goal to loot it.

An online sensation occurred a few years ago when Olga Zajac, a young and stunning Russian woman, defeated a would-be robber and exploited him for her personal pleasure.

A burglar named Viktor Jasinski reportedly made his first-ever attempt to rob Olga’s hair salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, but the salon’s owner, a professional karate black belt fighter named Olga, stopped him.

When a woman is put to the test in life, her true strength comes to light. Instead of turning the thief over to the police for an investigation and possible prosecution, Olga chose to take advantage of him for three days.

Where Is Olga Zajac Hair Salon Now?

The hair salon which is located in Meshchovsk, Russia has been closed down permanently following the alleged sex slave case.


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