is an gold miner and reality television star, who is best known for starring on the long-running reality TV show titled “Gold Rush” and its spinoff “Gold Rush: Parker's Trail”.

Parker grew up working for his grandfather John Schnabel's mining company, Big Nugget. He started operating heavy machinery even before his feet could touch the pedals.

Schnabel is one of the subjects of the Discovery Channel series titled, “Gold Rush Alaska”, also known simply as “Gold Rush”, which debuted in 2010.

The fourth season of the show depicts Schnabel's decision to strike out on his own away from his family mind. In Schnabel's first year of running his own mining operation, he found a striking 1029 oz of gold.

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He also starred in the reality television series “Gold Rush: The Dirt” from 2012 to 2016. Schnabel went on to star in the spin-off reality TV series “Gold Rush: Parker's Trail” in 2017.

He also worked as a producer on all three shows. Schnabel has mined a total of over $13 million dollars worth of gold by the age of 24.

Where Is Parker Schnabel Now?

Parker Schnabel returned for Gold Rush Season 13 which aired on September 30, 2022, on the streaming platform, Discovery.

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