has declared his candidacy for Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. So far, the former chancellor is the most high-profile individual to declare his candidacy.

His departure from the cabinet on Tuesday aided the mass ministerial walkout that caused Boris Johnson to resign as Tory leader.

Mr. Johnson plans to serve as Prime Minister until the Conservative Party elects a replacement.

Senior backbencher Tom Tugendhat and Attorney General Suella Braverman have also declared their intention to run.

Meanwhile, former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, and former health secretary Sajid Javid are thought to be exploring leadership bids, while former Brexit minister Steve Baker has indicated he will run.

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His brand was already well established – as his fame skyrocketed during the Covid epidemic – and he had a strong staff behind him, which is one obstacle for his competitors to overcome.

Reports regarding his wife's former non-dom tax status, as well as his critics utilizing his wealth to portray him as ‘out of touch during a cost of living crisis, harmed his ‘brand.'

But, like Sajid Javid, Steve Baker, and Nadhim Zahawi, who are all generally expected to run, he has used the video to highlight his more humble upbringing.

His grandmother immigrated to Britain, and his mother worked hard to become a pharmacist so that she and his NHS GP father could provide possibilities for their children.

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This story of opportunity, as well as his experience controlling the economy, will be central to his campaign.

Where Is Rishi Sunak Originally From?

Rishi Sunak is originally from Southampton, United Kingdom.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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