Where Is Ronnie Williams Jr Now? Ed Sheeran’s Impersonator

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An bogus rumor of a “fugitive Ed Sheeran lookalike” wanted in the US fooled The Today Show, with newsreader Tracy Vo portraying it as reality during the news headlines.

The Ohio Fugitive Taskforce is on the hunt for a man who has been stealing money from churches by making them believe he is Ed Sheeran. While anchors Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon laughed at the incongruous side-by-side photos of the fugitive and the celebrity he was mimicking, Vo said, “Here is his mugshot:

Of course, that’s not Ed Sheeran; that’s Ronnie Williams Jr., who even performed Shape of You in front of a church he was robbing money from.

The pastor simply assumed that the real Ed Sheeran had run into financial difficulty when asked why he would have agreed to perform for $35 and a sandwich. He’s sought for fraud, as you can see,” Vo said.

The only similarity between them, according to Langdon, is that they both have red hair.

Stefanovic praised the newsreader, saying, “Excellent tale T-Vo.”

Where Is Ronnie Williams Jr Now? Ed Sheeran’s Impersonator

The fugitive task team is searching for Ronnie Williams Jr. of Sciotoville For fraud.


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