Where Is Solica Casuto Now?

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Solica Cassuto is a Greek actress and Andy Griffith’s second wife. Solica Casuto was an American actor, comedian, television producer, southern gospel singer, and writer who worked in music and television for seven decades.

Griffith married Barbara Bray Edwards on August 22, 1949, and they had two children: Andy Samuel Griffith Jr. (born in 1957 and known as Sam Griffith) and Dixie Nann Griffith. In 1972, they divorced.

After years of alcoholism, Sam, a real estate developer, died in 1996. Solica Cassuto, a Greek actress, was his second wife. From 1973 to 1981, they were married.

Solica and her ex-husband were not known to have any children. Griffith and Cindi Knight, Solica Cassuto’s ex-husband, married on April 12, 1983, after meeting on the set of Murder in Coweta County.

How did the two former love rivals meet and begin their romance? Much information about the circumstances in which the couples meet is unavailable.

However, Griffith married his second wife Solica Cassuto in a simple backyard wedding at his home.

Where Is Solica Casuto Now?

Solica Cassuto has remained silent since her divorce from the actor and comedian. Much has not been heard from her.

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