Where Is Terry Peder Rasmussen Now?

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Terry Peder Rasmussen was an American serial killer. He killed at least six people in a series of crimes that spanned decades and stretched across the continental United States. Due to his use of many aliases, most notably “Bob Evans”, Terry is known as “The Chameleon Killer”.

Terry Rasmussen is the prime suspect in the unsolved Bear Brook murders, which took place in New Hampshire in 1978. The bodies of his girlfriend, her two daughters, and his own daughter were found in two barrels in the Allenstown area between 1985 and 2000. After another girlfriend disappeared in 1981, Terry abducted the victim’s daughter and fled to California.

He deserted the child in 1986 and was eventually imprisoned on child abandonment charges. After his release, Terry began living with chemist Eunsoon Jun in 2001. He died in prison in 2010 after being convicted of Eunsoon’s 2002 murder.

Although the Allenstown area barrels were discovered during his lifetime, Terry was not named as the culprit until 2017, when DNA profiling connected him to the crime. Subsequent investigations also led to three of the Bear Brook victims being identified; the identity of the fourth victim, Terry’s daughter, remains unknown. Since 2017, Terry has been named as a suspect in several other crimes.

Where Is Terry Peder Rasmussen Now?

Terry Peder Rasmussen died, aged 67, while imprisoned at the High Desert State Prison on December 28, 2010. His cause of death was a combination of lung cancer, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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