Where Is Thomas Wilson Dorr Now?

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Thomas Wilson Dorr was an American politician who played a significant role in the history of Rhode Island. He was born on November 5, 1805, in Rhode Island. Dorr is known for his involvement in the Dorr Rebellion, a political movement that sought to expand voting rights in the state.

Thomas Dorr believed that the existing Rhode Island Constitution unfairly restricted voting rights to only property-owning men. In 1841, he organized a People’s Party and held a convention where a new constitution was drafted, granting suffrage to more people. However, this action was considered illegal by the existing government.

Thomas Wilson Dorr’s rebellion led to a clash between his supporters and the state militia. Although he was convicted of treason and sentenced to life in prison, Dorr was later pardoned and released in 1845. His actions sparked discussions about the importance of expanding democracy and voting rights.

Where Is Thomas Wilson Dorr Now?

Thomas Wilson Dorr died on December 27, 1854, in Providence, Rhode Island.

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