Where is Tianna Kirchner now?

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Tricia Kirchner gave birth to Tianna Kirchner on May 28, 2007. The legal father of Tianna was married to Tricia in May 2001; nevertheless, the couple separated in December 2009, and the divorce was finally formalized in April 2012.

Tricia and the biological father had accused one another of being violent and abusing drugs and alcohol, and she was born with drugs in her system.

Later, it was revealed via the divorce documents that Tianna had a challenging upbringing.

Tianna’s immunization in September 2010 was the last time she was mentioned as being alive. She was about four years old at the time, and neither her disappearance nor death was ever recorded. In response to a tip, Everett police searched a residence and discovered Tianna’s remains in a garbage bag.

The authorities then claimed that a social worker had informed them in 2016 that Tianna had been missing for almost four years, raising concerns about how CPS handled these situations. The examination also showed that Tricia and her husband gave conflicting accounts of Tianna’s demise, claiming that she died as a result of complications from a brain tumor and chicken pox.

Where is Tianna Kirchner now?

There is no record of Tianna enrolling at a school, going missing, or being reported as dead, according to the police.

The authorities haven’t made any arrests in the case throughout the years, and they’ve given very little information about what they might have learned. In November 2016, Judy continued to seek clarification and stated to Tianna, “To me, she was my daughter.”


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