Where Is Wesley Morgan Now?

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Wesley Dale Morgan was only 2 years old when he vanished while playing with puppies in front of his home on May 15, 2001, Clinton, Los Angeles.

He was born on March 14, 1999 to his parents, 17 year old Ruby and her boyfriend, Dewey, in Clinton, Louisiana. When his parents split up not long after Morgan was born, he remained fully under the care of his mother.

Shortly after he was born, his mother, Ruby, began dating a man named Burnell, who, in October 1998, was involved in the shooting death of a bystander.

At around 9:45 am on May 15, 2001, according to Ruby, she had left Morgan on the porch of their home to play with a litter of puppies while she went inside to make lunch.

When she returned shortly after, Morgan was gone. Initially, Ruby told investigators that she believed that Morgan had chased one of the dogs off the porch, but this quickly changed once authorities began their search.

Within minutes of realizing Morgan was gone, his mother reported him missing. As soon as the report was made, officials with the Clinton Police Department began a large-scale search of a 5-mile radius surrounding the home.

While officials were interviewing Ruby and her boyfriend, Burnell, searchers on foot, horseback, and even in helicopters equipped with infrared technology, along with the assistance of the Louisiana National Guard, were searching the wooded area near the home, searching for any sign of Morgan.

In the following days, Burnell was arrested for the October 1998 shooting he was involved in, and Ruby then shut down and became uncooperative with search efforts for her son. In the months following Morgan’s disappearance, officials conducted more searches, even consulting with a ‘psychic detective’, who believed she may be able to help. Unfortunately, all search efforts being made for Morgan proved fruitless.

Where Is Wesley Morgan Now?

In April 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that they were initiating a new investigation into Wesley Morgan’s disappearance, along with announcing a new $10,000 reward for information. Since then, 21 electronic billboards have been erected in the Baton Rouge area.

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