Where Was Gina Mestre Born?

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In June 2020, Police Officer known as Gina L. Mestre, a 7-year New York City police veteran, was appointed to the 52nd Precinct’s public safety unit in the Bronx. One of the unit’s top priorities was reducing gun violence, much of it connected to a gang called the Shooting Boys.

Around that time, federal prosecutors stated that; Ms. Mestre began an “intimate relationship” with the Shooting Boys’ leader, chatting with him through secret social media channels and phone numbers.

Before long, prosecutors stated that she was giving out confidential grand jury information to gang members, comprising of the identity of a witness they later assaulted. And Gina was helping the gang leader escape the United States after he committed a murder.

On Wednesday, Ms. Mestre, who was propelled to leave the Police Department in May 2022, was charged with partaking in a racketeering conspiracy and obstructing a grand jury investigation and being an accessory to homicide after the fact.

Where Was Gina Mestre Born?

Gina Mestre was born and raised in New York City.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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