The youngest member of is now Thomas Simons born on April 9, 2004, at age 16, often known online as TommyInnit, a streamer and Minecraft YouTuber who made friends with the Dream Team over the summer of 2020.

The Dream Team's friend and Twitch streamer Alastair is also known online as Eret. They are well-known for their deep voice, laid-back attitude, and + inclusive streams.

They competed in the sixth Minecraft Championship as a team with Dream and GeorgeNotFound, and on July 19, 2020, they joined the Dream SMP.

His father, Philza, ultimately killed him at his own request after the explosion; this last death is seen as assisted suicide. The state of Wilbur's corporeal body remained uncertain following Ghostbur's appearance, but it was later established that he was left in the room where he passed away.

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Which Members Of The Dream SMP Are LGBTQ?

The members of the Dream SMP who are LGBTQ are Karl Jacobs, Antfrost, CaptainPuffy, and VelvetIsCake.

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