My girlfriend blows whistle when we are making love

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Sometimes, one way of doing things in the bedroom can become boring. In other to spice things up, new moves and turns can be introduced to bring life into the love-making process.

So this young man has told his girlfriend that there is a need for them to spice things up. The girl heard him and the next time she was coming over, she prepared adequately.

What she did was to bring a whistle and when the guy smashes him, she blows the whistle loud.

Now, the guy is already tired of this new way of spicing things up because according to him, he stays with his grandma and the whistling shenanigans is causing his grandma to cast suspicious looks his way. He’s now pleading for us to advise him on how to make his girl stop cos she seems to be enjoying the whistle-blowing act so much.

His message reads:

Hi Auntie. Please keep me anonymous. I asked my girlfriend to come up with ways to spice up our bedroom shandis. Ugirl came with a whistle to my crib. When I smash she blows the whistle throughout the round. She seems to enjoy it and I find it awkward. I stay with my grandmother and she has been giving me funny looks. How can I tell ugirl that the whistle strategy is too much? I don’t want her to think I’m not appreciating her efforts.

My girlfriend blows whistle when we are making love

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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