Who Are The Hosts Of Celebrity IOU?

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The popular reality television show Celebrity IOU stars Jonathan Scott and Drew from HGTV. The Scott brothers’ partnership with A-list celebrities to give back in a special way is the central theme of the show.

As the hosts update and modify these celebrities’ houses, each episode features touching gestures.

Celebrity IOU, which made its premiere in April 2020, has become well-known for its poignant and significant content. Not only do the celebrities selected for the show receive amazing house makeovers, but they also actively participate in the renovation process.

With a January 1, 2024 launch date, the seventh season of the program is expected to push the envelope with more extensive and meticulous repairs while keeping to a stricter timeline.

Who Are The Hosts Of Celebrity IOU?

HGTV celebrities Drew and Jonathan Scott are the hosts of Celebrity IOU. These gifted brothers—often referred to as the Scott brothers—are well-known for their charming appearance on television and their proficiency in home remodeling.

Since the program’s premiere in April 2020, Drew and Jonathan Scott have served as hosts of Celebrity IOU, establishing themselves as the recognizable faces that walk viewers through the touching changes that are showcased on the program.

Each episode benefits from their dynamic partnership’s special blend of construction expertise, design know-how, and sincere friendliness.

As hosts, they collaborate closely with A-list celebrities to produce visually spectacular house makeovers as well as deepen relationships with the stars, which makes Celebrity IOU a cherished and emotionally compelling reality TV program.

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