Who Are Tianna Kirchner Parents?

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According to the investigation, Tricia married a different man in October 2012, who later became Tianna’s stepfather. The family then relocated with the stepfather’s sister. The sister claims that Tricia had stated that she had lost her job as a result of discovering Tianna’s body close to Tacoma, Washington.

Tricia reportedly expressed a desire to skip the girl’s funeral, the sister continued. An investigation into Tianna’s disappearance was launched after a family member told the police they thought Tricia had killed the young child while caring for her.

It was said that Tianna passed away prior to Tricia and Chris’ October 2012 wedding; at the time, the mother was residing in Lynnwood, Washington, with Chris and their other four children. Tricia apparently panicked when she discovered Tianna dead, according to the police, because both her and the stepfather had previous run-ins with the law.

Who Are Tianna Kirchner Parents?

Tianna Kirchner’s was born to Tricia Kirchner.Tianna’s father is not known. His name has not been listed on the internet.

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