Who Attacked Dave Chappelle At Hollywood Bowl?

During a performance at the in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, was assaulted onstage by a fan who ran up and tackled him.

Someone in the audience can be seen running onto the stage and leveling Chappelle as security officers race to intervene in a video posted to social media.

Who Attacked Dave Chappelle At Hollywood Bowl?

The incident was confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department, which told NBC Los Angeles that the male suspect was armed with a replica gun that could eject a knife blade if discharged correctly. It’s unclear whether the suspect tried to use the weapon.

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The true identity of the suspect is yet to be identified by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The suspect was in the audience prior to the attack, then jumped on stage and attacked Chappelle as he was about to leave the stage, according to the LAPD.

The comedian was appearing as part of the Netflix Is A Joke Festival’s “Dave Chappelle and Friends” show.

ABC7 reports on the story:

According to police, security guards hired for the show intervened and pulled the suspect away from the comedian before detaining him.

The suspect received superficial injuries during the altercation, according to authorities, and was taken to the hospital as a result.

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According to reports, Chappelle was unharmed in the attack.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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