Who Has Been On 60 Minutes The Longest?

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60 Minutes is a long-running American news magazine television program that has been on the air since 1968. It is one of the most popular and influential television programs in the United States, and it has won numerous awards for its journalism and storytelling. Each week, the program features several segments that cover a wide range of topics, including politics, current events, culture, and more.

Many journalists, correspondents, and contributors have appeared on the program over the years. The program is known for its in-depth reporting and interviews, and it has featured interviews with many notable figures over the years, including presidents, celebrities, and other public figures.

Who Has Been On 60 Minutes The Longest?

Some of the journalists who have been with the program for a long time include:

  • Mike Wallace (1968-2008)
  • Morley Safer (1970-2016)
  • Harry Reasoner (1970-1991)
  • Ed Bradley (1981-2006)
  • Steve Kroft (1989-2021)
  • Lesley Stahl (1991-present)
  • Anderson Cooper (2003-present)

It’s worth noting that these are just a few of the many journalists who have appeared on 60 Minutes over the years.


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