When you search the internet for who has the most children in the world, the results differ. Aside from the names that appear after the study, there are many other persons that have a large number of children. However, this may or may not have been documented.

It' extremely astonishing to learn how many children individuals have. Some people have as many as 69 or even 170 children.

Who Has The Most Kids In The World?

Doctor , a Zimbabwean native, has 128 children from 15 different marriages. That would make sense if you were to think of a man who had the most offspring and Misheckh was the first to come to mind.

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Also, an identified Winston Blackmore had 149 offspring from as many as 27 women.

Additionally, the last king of Hyderabad, , had 149 children and multiple mistresses, including seven wives. Despite his father's short life, he had 142 children, which is highly remarkable given that he had 78 males and 66 daughters.

Lastly, Kigongo is often regarded as Uganda's most prolific father. Kigongo had approximately 200 offspring and 11 women when he died.

There are many people in the world who are unknown and may have many kids than those listed in this article.

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