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Who Is Amy In Coronation Street?

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Granada Television produced the British television soap opera Coronation Street, sometimes known as Corrie or Corro. It became official on ITV on December 9, 1960.

The main location of the show is a cobblestone, terraced street in the made-up town of Weatherfield, which is modelled after Salford, England’s inner city. The show started broadcasting six times a week in 2017 after originally running twice a week.

Who Is Amy In Coronation Street?

Played by Elle Mulvaney, Amy Barlow is a made-up character from the British ITV soap series Coronation Street. On-screen, she emerged on February 9, 2004, during the airing of that episode.

Amy is the most recast character on Coronation Street, having been represented by eight child actors: Hilly Bowyer, Rebecca Pike, Louisa Morris, Sarah Coker, Madison Hampson, Amber Chadwick, and Elle Mulvaney.

The rape of Amy Barlow by Aaron Standford in Coronation Street this year has been one of the show’s most difficult plotlines to date. It has also sparked significant conversations about consent and the legal system.


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