Who Is Ben Shelton Mother?

was a former left fielder with the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball. He was born on September 21, 1969, and played his final season in 1993 with the team. He hit with his right hand and threw with his left. In the 1987 Major League Baseball Draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected him in the second round.

Who Is Mother?

is Ben’s mother. Since he was a young child, Lisa Shelton has had the impression that her son was a vivacious boy who spent most of his time playing outside.

She remembers a day when he was about five years old and was taken to his room as a form of punishment for whatever sort of mischief his tiny mind had gotten himself into. She went to check on him and overheard him talking about how much he wanted to be free again.

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Can I just accept a spanking, he pleaded as I went to face him? As she laughed it off, she said.

That mischievous youngster eventually developed into a Division I tennis player, and his love for the game inspired him to perfect a strong serve that he currently uses as a member of the squad.

, Ben’s father, was appointed head coach of the men’s tennis team at the University of Florida when Ben was in the fourth grade. The Shelton family made the decision to leave Atlanta and move to Gainesville.

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