Who is Charlene Austin first husband?

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Charlene Austin is one of the people who has become well-known for being a celebrity wife. Consequently, Charlene Austin’s status as Lloyd Austin’s spouse is widely known.

Lloyd Austin has been the 28th secretary of defense for the United States since January 22, 2021.

Charlene is a national advisor for the Military Child Education Coalition. She also sits on the board of the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University.

Charlene’s professional experience includes employment with the government, where she held leadership positions like Manager of the Army Community Service Employment Program.

This also holds true for the Army Continuing Education Guidance Counselor and Troop and Family. She worked as a Members Transition Specialist for the Army tenure and Alumni Program throughout her time there as well.

Who is Charlene Austin first husband?

Former US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has a close relationship with his wife of forty years, Charlene Austin.

They met and graduated from Auburn University, where they also formed a friendship that goes well beyond their time in school.

Austin has publicly acknowledged her wife’s selfless efforts and expressed gratitude for all that she has done to support and care for military families.

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