Who Is David Buhai? Caddie And Husband Of Golfer Ashleigh Buhai

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David Buhai, a caddie, is wed to Ashleigh Buhai, a professional golfer from South America. Here is all there is to know about Ashleigh and David.

She is a round away from winning the Major at Muirfield, which is why she is trending on sports news.

Ashleigh became the youngest person to win both the women’s South African Amateur Stroke Play and Match Play competitions, as well as the first woman in 101 years to win the Ladies South African Open three times.

The amateur golfer had a successful career. The golfer competed in the Women’s World Cup of Golf three times while still an amateur.

Who Is David Buhai? Caddie And Husband Of Golfer Ashleigh Buhai

David Buhai and his wife Ashleigh Buhai have exchanged wedding vows. David is a well-known, accomplished caddy.

At Gavan Levenson’s golf academy in Johannesburg, Ashleigh and David met and fell in love right away.

The couple had a distant connection prior to getting married in 2016. The two have since made a name for themselves as one of the best golfer-caddie teams.

Mr. David worked as a caddy after serving as a manager at a shoe store. Her wife, Ashleigh, transformed his caddy career.

David and his wife boarded a plane to replace her caddy, who had broken his leg.

In their home in Palm Beach Gardens, South Florida, the spouses are content.

The couple intends to start a family before the year is through, according to reports.

Caddie And Husband of Golder Ashleigh Buhai

David is a certified South African golf caddie. On the Ladies European Tour and LPGA Tour, Buhai was a caddy.

David was the caddy for Jeongeun Lee, the 2019 US Women Open champion.

David, Ashleigh’s husband, competed in South Africa’s amateur circuit until 2006. He graduated from Sandringham High School in Johannesburg, South Africa.

David has been Ashleigh’s caddy on numerous occasions. He resigned from his employment as general manager of a shoe company to pursue full-time caddy work.

The age gap between David Buhai and Ashleigh Buhai is three years.

South African professional golfer Ashleigh, 33, was born on May 11, 1989, in Johannesburg. However, Mr. David has not yet disclosed the specifics of his birthday.

Despite being of different ages, the two get along well. Since they haven’t mentioned any issues, Ashleigh and her caddie David appear to be content with their lives.

Through their respective Instagram accounts, @ashbuhaigolf and @davidbuhai, one may learn more about and get to know Ashleigh and David Buhai.

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