Who Is Davide Fontana? Man Who Killed Carol Maltesi

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Who Is Davide Fontana? Man Who Killed Carol Maltesi

The dismembered body of a woman was found by a roadside in Italy earlier this month by a passerby who reported it to the police. The body which could not be recognized was later identified as that of Charlotte Angie, real name Carol Maltesi, a 26-year old porn star who started sex work two years ago in order to take care of her son during the pandemic.

Her neighbor, Davide Fontana, 43, is in police custody for her murder. Davide, who is a food blogger also works at a bank. He tried to get suspicions off him by going to the police to give information about her case but he was rather suspected and arrested.

He then confessed to killing her, dismembering her body, and disposing of it in bin bags. He also said that in order to make her unrecognizable, he burnt her face.

When police gave details about her tattoos, her OnlyFans followers and fans immediately identified the dismembered body to be hers.

The two were supposed to record two adult films but Davide murdered Carol when they had started shooting the second one which was supposed to be violent. According to him, he tied her to a dancing pole, covered her head, and started hitting her with a hammer just as he was supposed to.

As he continued hitting he hit her too hard and realized he had hurt her and so decided to slit her throat to free her from the pain he caused.

He killed her in January and disposed of her body in March after she was declared missing. All that while he was using replying to her messages to make it look like she was alive.

Carol and Davide had broken up after dating for a while. Neighbors say they seemed to get along well even after that.

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