Who Is Diana Kirk? Woman, 76, Is Mauled By A Huge Rat While She Was Asleep


A mouse savaged a brain-damaged lady who can’t move or feel pain while she slept, attempting to ‘chew’ her to the bone.

On Sunday, May 8, the terrible events began when Mr. Kirk went to bed.

He heard a giant rat scratching about’ at his feet, but it was difficult to see in the dim light.

Who Is ? Woman, 76, Is Mauled By A Huge Rat While She Was Asleep

On Monday, May 9, a rat clawed into Diana Kirk’s face and neck at her house in Nottinghamshire, England, leaving her with horrible injuries.

Her 85-year-old husband John discovered her bathed in blood in her hospital bed, where she sleeps because of her medical condition. John and a care crew come into the house to assist her to look after her.

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John recalled hearing what he thought was a large mouse “scratching about” at his feet but dismissed it because it was late at night.

Then, at about 1.30 a.m., he heard it again, before falling asleep and waking up normally shortly before 6 a.m., according to Nottinghamshire Live.

The rat was ultimately caught in a cage when a neighbor set up a trap in the house. Mr. Kirk claimed the rat tried to bite him several times as he moved it to the patio.

He claimed that a neighbor then shot it four times with a pellet gun, killing it.

‘My wife can’t move because of her illness,’ says the husband. Kirk said

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