Who is Ed Sheeran’s tattoo artist?

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Edward Christopher Sheeran, famously known as Ed Sheeran, is an English Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Guitarist, and, Record Producer.

Just like many celebrities, Ed has about 62 visible tattoos on his chest, lower abdomen, stomach and countless ones below his arms.

The singer once revealed that “People say when they see my tattoos that I look like a melted crayon, so that’ s interesting. I guess this is just my eight year-old self coming out.”

His tattoos include amongst others, a Broken Heart drawing with no entry sign inked on his lower abdomen, a Huge Lion head on his chest, Koala on his left forearm, Mother and a child portrait inked on his right arm, Family tree tattoo on his right bicep, Green Gecko inked on his right forearm.

Ed Sheeran also has lyrics inked on his bicep which reads, “I CAME TO THIS WORLD WITH NOTHING AND I’LL LEAVE WITH NOTHING BUT LOVE. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST BORROWED”. However, who is the tattooist behind his body art?

Ed Sheeran’s tattoist

Ed Sheeran’s tattooist is Kevin Paul who owns Kevin Paul Tattoo Shop in Melbourne, England.

Kevin is the artist behind most of the pop star’s colorful inkings on his body.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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