Who Is Eugene De Leon Sr? Texas Rattlesnake Handler Dies

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A South Texas native has died following a snake bite at a festival celebration.

Identified as Eugene De Leon Sr, below are all the details.

Who Is Eugene De Leon Sr? Texas Rattlesnake Handler Dies

Eugene De Leon Sr was a veteran snake controller.

He passed away at age 60 after being chomped by a Rattlesnake in Texas. The incident occurred during a festival in South Texas.

The veteran snake handler was bitten in the shoulder and taken to a Corpus Christi hospital, where he succumbed to injuries eight hours later.

Leon Sr was noted as a Snake Handling enthusiast. He had been handling snakes for about two decades.

Per reports from the NY Post, Leon Sr was handling rattlesnakes in front of an audience when he was bitten, as indicated by snake show organizers.

The event, dubbed the city’s largest festival of the year, is organized by the Freer Chamber of Commerce with a population of 2,600 people.

Following the incident, the organization expressed its condolences on Sunday adding that, De Leon “did it all” in Freer when it came to snakes.

Mea, De Leon made regular appearances at the yearly festival and on local wildlife shows.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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