Who Is Hbomberguy?

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British YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and content creator Harry Brewis, better known by his handle Hbomberguy, is highly recognised for his video essays, gaming, and criticism content.

He gained widespread recognition and praise for his perceptive and frequently humorous analyses of a variety of topics, including pop culture, video games, politics, and social issues.

Hosted a lengthy charity Twitch stream in January 2019, Hbomberguy played “Donkey Kong 64.”

Known as “Hbomberguy’s Donkey Kong 64 Twitch Stream,” the purpose of the event was to generate money for Mermaids, a transgender charity foundation located in the United Kingdom.

Over $340,000 was raised for the charity by the stream thanks to its enormous popularity and support from viewers. Several well-known people, including politicians and celebrities, expressed their support for the cause at the fundraiser.

Who Is Hbomberguy?

Hbomberguy is a UK YouTuber and Twitch streamer who makes videos about movies, TV shows and video games. He also shares his views on politics and the economy from a left-wing perspective.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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